3 key ways to maintain brand engagement after an event

Jul 27 / 2 min read / Orange

After your big brand experience, you may want to breathe a happy sigh of relief and sit back to enjoy the afterglow for a while. Don't take your foot off the gas straightaway though - there is still work to be done after the event.


In fact, post-event is a critical time to manage public perceptions of your brand and gather information that can make the next one even better. Here are three ways to maintain brand engagement after an event.

1. Get feedback

One of the most important steps to take after an event is to evaluate attendee satisfaction. This information can help you to analyse what went well and what could have been improved upon. It also keeps attendees engaged after the fact, showing that you value their opinions and letting them voice any concerns or praise they may have.

Simple ways to collect feedback include post-event surveys, or simple social media posts thanking people for their attendance and asking for any thoughts they may have.

A customer satisfaction survey after an event can be a great way to sustain engagement. Image: Z Heroes Awards Dinner 2017, Z Energy.

2. Share content

Social media isn’t only important during your brand event, it’s a key part of making sure your brand’s name sticks around post-event.

To make sure the conversation online stays active, you can use the photos and videos you collected during the event to keep people engaged. Share them across various channels and encourage people to tag themselves. Catchy videos of the event highlights can keep the memory of the experience alive and carry on the momentum you built with customers.

Filming an event and using the highlights for a shareable video will make sure people don’t forget about your brand once the experience is over. Such as the above highlights reel from Ports Of Auckland, SeePort Festival.


3. Give back

After attending an event, 87 per cent of people will buy the product or service they were introduced to. You can make sure you stay fresh in people’s minds and encourage them to make a purchase, by extending offers or discounts exclusive to attendees. This is a great way of showing your appreciation to people who attended, keeping them interested and using their continued attention to gain return business.

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