4 benefits of experiential marketing

Jul 14 / 2 min read / Orange

In the digital age, constructing hands-on experiences for customers seems like it goes against the trends. However, as more and more business is carried out online, experiential marketing is only becoming more important.


Here are a few of the key benefits to this revolutionary approach to marketing.

1.  It works

If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be gaining so much popularity. The simple fact of the matter is that experiential marketing gets results.

A survey by EventTrack showed that 74 per cent of people had a more positive brand perception after an event, and 65 per cent purchased the product or service being promoted. As many as 70 per cent of event participants end up becoming regular customers, which means a great rate of return for businesses investing in experiential marketing.

The numbers don’t lie – experiential marketing works. Photo: Round the Bays 2017

2. It gives consumers a new way to experience a brand

Experiential marketing generates an authentic brand awareness through the use on non-traditional marketing methods. In essence, it’s interesting, which gets attention and helps people to remember the brand.

Through experiences, consumers are invited to get to know a brand via their senses. These tangible experiences can create stronger bonds between people and products, as people can interact with a brand in a genuine way and form a positive opinion of it.

3. It appeals to the new ways people use media

Social media has become a cornerstone in all kinds of marketing, but experiential marketing has made it an even more powerful tool. Experiences capitalise on the ways people use social channels, encouraging them to capture and share visual content with their networks, expanding the reach of a campaign.

The propensity of people to take photos and post them basically gives brands a way to access free grassroots marketing, while engaging consumers at the same time.

Experiential marketing makes the most of social media in a natural way.

4. It gives people a chance to interact with a brand

To build positive connotations of a brand, people first need to interact with it. Brand experiences are typically fun, unique and memorable – they provide engaging experiences that people enjoy.

Loyalty is built or lost every time people have an interaction with a brand and experiential marketing provides an opportunity for a brand to present their best side to consumers, establishing connections with them and fuelling that loyalty.

Orange can help your brand navigate and enjoy all of the benefits of experiential marketing. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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