Heineken Hospitality at the Rugby World Cup

The Heineken family are very specific about how their brand is portrayed and brought to life.

The Heineken agency in Amsterdam is tasked with delivering perfection and exquisite brand interpretation to the highest profile and most significant events on the planet.

The first hurdle, there was more people invited to the event than the space could handle.

The Orange solution: build a second story level in the event space. (A significantly impressive and long story we can tell you about over a coffee.)

Next, bring in the magic and pedigree and history of rugby and wrap it into a fully immersive and interactive Heineken experience.

Mrs Heineken visited the Orange imagined and built Heineken environment and gave her seal of approval two days prior to the tournament kick-off.

This was the largest stadia activation of any of the sponsors for the entire RWC event. 

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