Fifa – Official Draw Event 
Reaching 220 million live!

FIFA chose Orange to design and deliver the largest event on the FIFA calendar outside the tournament!

The significance of this event being broadcast live the world was palpable, the pressure for perfection momentous. Orange collaborated with FIFA to create the first ever live broadcast of the ‘Football Official Draw Show’.

The event was broadcast live to an audience of over 220 million people and was attended by a high profile invited audience of 500.

Orange developed and brought to life the concept ‘The World Loves Football’ We built custom interactive stage and digitally mapped it for digital projection.

The ball, made up of the flags of the nation’s attending the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2015, swirled and dipped through the air during transitions and stings.

Cutting-edge multimedia content transformed the stage area into incredible digital performance for the ceremony and speakers with digitally mapped for precise projection of content

Orange was also awarded the official event delivery partner for FIFA U-20 World Cup throughout New Zealand!

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