Auckland’s SeePort Festival

New Zealand’s largest anniversary weekend event is SeePort. To manage and deliver a ports event anywhere in the world on this scale is a massive undertaking.

There is nothing in New Zealand to compare it to.

So, how do you do it? Team Orange work closely with Ports of Auckland, which includes travelling to Rotterdam in Europe and other parts of the world to learn from other massive port events on the international stage.

  •  Creative and multimedia innovations
  • Orange team manage the airspace, water and land for the entire event
  • You can imagine the health and safety plan (or maybe not!)
  • Helicopter rides, Navy ship tours, tugboat rides, Police water rescues
  • Family entertainment all day, every day
  • Main stage events including the philharmonic orchestra
  • Orange created ‘Seeport TV’ and it broadcasts live throughout every day.

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