The role of social media influencers in experiential marketing

Apr 9 / 3 min read / Orange

You're probably following one on Instagram. You may have seen one out and about, posing in front of a famous landmark. You might even know one in person.


We’re talking, of course, about social media influencers. Those people who have racked up so many followers on their social media channels that they are in a position of power, where they can ‘influence’ their followers to buy products.

With spending on social media influencers on Instagram alone estimated to be more than $1 billion US, according to Mediakix, it’s impossible to ignore the might of influencers. But how do they tie into experiential marketing?

Influencer marketing trends: What to look out for

Social media influencers are key players in raising brand awareness online. Celebrity endorsements have been popular in marketing for a while, but the popularity of influencers has only burgeoned more recently. Now, anyone with enough people listening to them can be considered an influencer. Their reign over social media hasn’t gone unnoticed by experiential marketers.

A survey by Event Track found that a whopping 58 per cent of all experiential marketing campaigns involve influencers. The same survey revealed that influencer events and experiences are the number one area where experiential marketers expect to see growth in the next few years. The number of brands focusing their social media strategy on finding and working with influencers has surged and this trend is only likely to continue.

To give you an idea of the effectiveness of social media influencers, 62 per cent of young adults aged 18 to 24 said they would buy a product endorsed by a YouTuber, versus a celebrity-endorsed product, Mediakix says.

Social media influencers can guide their followers toward a brand.

What are the benefits of social media influencers in the experiential marketing field? 

The benefits of social media influencers in New Zealand’s experiential marketing landscape include:

  • A greater numbers of people showing up to your event.
  • A wider reach online.
  • A more positive reception of your message.

Social media is a critical part of experiential marketing. The buzz you create online is just as important as the reactions you get from people in-person at your event, so creating campaigns with shareability in mind is crucial.

Social media influencers are a way of boosting your social media reach from an event even further.

When a brand aligns themselves with an influencer, they are tapping into that individual’s audience, and also their audience’s entire network. Thanks to the loyalty of their followers, influencers have the capacity to boost your social media exposure and drive powerful word-of-mouth marketing. A recommendation coming from a trusted source such as an influencer – as opposed to directly from the brand they are supporting – is an effective way to reach new customers and earn their loyalty.

One of the benefits of social media influencers is that they span nearly every industry. For every niche, there is someone with thousands of followers, all with a keen interest in that particular topic. In a nutshell, influencers can be the mouthpiece you need to deliver your message directly to the people you want to hear it the most.Social media influencers offer powerful word-of-mouth marketing opportunities. Social media influencers offer powerful word-of-mouth marketing opportunities.

Harnessing the power of social media influencers

Working with influencers requires as much strategy as any other marketing move.

It’s important to have clear guidelines in place, so both parties know exactly what’s expected, and what will be compensated. In the social media influencer game, every single tweet is worth something, so hashing out a plan down to the last hashtag is important. It also pays to remember that a successful influencer partnership is a two-way street, so you have to make your proposition a compelling one.

Your event should be designed with influencers in mind, giving them ample opportunity to share their experience across their channels in real time. Branded hashtags are one example of how to do this effectively.

If you need support navigating the ins and outs of influencers, Our team at Orange are well-versed in all things social media. To boost your brand awareness online and amplify your message via influencers, get in touch with us today.

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